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  • 'Relax' Essential Oil Candle : Patchouli - IOSOI Skin Lab
  • 'Relax' Essential Oil Candle : Patchouli - IOSOI Skin Lab
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'Relax' Essential Oil Candle : Patchouli + Sweet Orange 廣藿香及甜橙

存貨狀況: 有現貨

Our signature blend of organic oils, hand harvested botanicals and natural waxes may help us gather the resources we need to understand our place in this world, accept our choices, distance ourselves from unwanted influences and allow us to relax, in the present moment, as it is intended to be.

Herbs in this formula:

  • May gently stimulate the mind, to balance and embrace stability*
  • May encourage peace and clarity to ground and relax*
  • May release blockages or personal barriers*


Size: 4oz

Vessel: A sweet little jar, with linen paper label, mandala and silver tin lid. (2-1/4”w x 2-3/4”h) 

Features: Our essential oil candle is intended to fill a space with soft, meaningful scent and perfect for anyone that prefers a lighter candle experience. The combination of oils, synergistically provide ambient aroma to our mind, body and soul, while fulfilling its purpose, without a heavy, cloying smell.

Ritual:  Our candles are hand poured and created with love and good vibes.  We invite you to use yours as a personal candle, an altar offering, for meditation, setting daily intentions, yoga, office work, reading or relaxing in a bath (and more). Each is intended to encourage moments of self care, balance, grounding, creativity, focus, purity and rejuvenation.

Disposal: Clean and reuse or recycle when finished. 

Plant based + free of: phthalates, parabens + nitro musks and preservatives 

*The information contained within is for educational purposes only.  October Fields® products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please read all safety, care and use guidelines prior to and during use.


oils of °^Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin), °^Sweet Orange (Citrus X sinensis), ^plant-based wax, ^cotton wick and °^our farm grown botanicals (pretty petals and leaves) that support its intention.    

°organic, ^certified vegan/cruelty free  

This item contains no animal products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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