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  • Palo Santo Holder - Green and Black (with five Palo Santo incense sticks) - 聖木碟 (附送5條聖木) - IOSOI Skin Lab
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Palo Santo Holder - Green and Black (with five Palo Santo incense sticks) - 聖木碟 (附送5條優質天然秘魯煙燻聖木)

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Palo Santo 聖木為你提升正能量帶來好運!



推介作為新居入伙, 搬遷或送給自己來淨化並帶來好運的最佳禮物!



𓂅 天然芳香療法

𓂅 淨化及清潔空間

𓂅 去除負面能量

𓂅 帶來好運和幸運

𓂅 驅除蚊蟲



𓂄 當你覺得自己太多負面想法、思緒混亂或心情低落時

𓂄 持續的睡眠質素欠佳時

𓂄 到過醫院、喪禮、墓地或低頻率的地方後

𓂄 覺得運勢不順、能量阻塞時

𓂄 搬遷前或後去舊迎新的空間能量淨化



聖木是不會一直燃燒的, 每次點燃後大約30秒到1分鐘左右就會自然熄滅。建議可配合秘魯聖木大豆蠟燭使用,讓聖木熄滅後重複點火,直到空間薰香完畢。


Dimensions | 5in. x 5in. x 0.5in.

 ☞ M O R E 聖 木 Q & A 


Originating from Chulucanas, a city in northern Peru that’s renowned for its pottery, this Palo Santo holder is exquisitely crafted and uniquely designed. 

  • This beautiful Palo Santo holder is handmade by master artisan Luis Sandoval and his team of artisans to provide you with an authentic and meaningful experience.
  • Palo Santo sticks that have a diameter of up to 0.5 inches and a length of 4-6 inches.
  • Includes a cotton drawstring bag for safe storage and 5 sticks of Palo Santo incense.

Luna Sundara works closely alongside Peruvian artisans to create unique pottery pieces in various styles. We deeply believe in the importance of empowering local artisans to change their local communities for the better, creating a positive chain reaction that grows to impact the whole world. Please join us in spreading the word and helping to forge a better future for these talented artisans.


5in. x 5in. x 0.5in.


Chulucanas ceramics are delicate. The design is applied through a smoking process and can easily be damaged. Wipe down with a soft damp cloth. Do not use any abrasive materials for cleaning. The ceramics are not dishwasher safe.