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  • White Sage Room Spray - 白鼠尾草噴霧 - IOSOI Skin Lab
  • White Sage Room Spray - 白鼠尾草噴霧 - IOSOI Skin Lab
  • White Sage Room Spray - 白鼠尾草噴霧 - IOSOI Skin Lab
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White Sage Room Spray

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The Story
Just one or two spritzes of our White Sage room spray will transport you to the sun-baked Mojave desert, where one of the West’s most iconic plants, the dense grey white sage bush, grows wild across the sprawling desert landscape. A clean, quick solution to many household needs, our White Sage room spray is an all-natural replacement for more chemical heavy odor eliminators. Use it to enliven a room, on linens, on upholstery, anywhere that may need a little reviving. When you can’t get out there, bring nature home.

2 Fl Oz (60 mL)

Region Desert
Scent Notes
Soft chaparral, dry sunny earth, spicy resin

10% of sales of Juniper Ridge's white sage and sweetgrass products are donated to Indigenous & First Nations groups. They began this initiative in 2019 and have committed to maintain it in perpetuity.


Application: Shake well. Spray into the air to freshen up any room or directly onto fabric, blankets, linen etc. (1-2 sprays).


Aqua (distilled water), Organic Cane Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol), Vegetable Glycerin (Glycerin), & Steam Distilled Essential Oils
100% Plant Based
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Preservative Free
Dye Free
Cruelty Free