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  • Medium Happiness Globe Candle - IOSOI Skin Lab
  • Medium Happiness Globe Candle - IOSOI Skin Lab
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Medium Happiness Globe Candle

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Happiness candle - happy, light and joy

natural olive and coconut wax candle with pine root

Happiness candle line consists of three different sized ball candles and here is the medium one. They are made of olive- and coconut waxes which are safe, ethical and ecological to use. Soft scent of pine creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Happiness candle always includes a pine root holder that is a modular element on its own. You can stack it, pack it, create towers or just let it stand alone.

Package size 100 mm
Country of origin Finland
YES natural, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, plastic free
NO preservative, alcohol, synthetics, water, colour, plastic





使用技巧 :建議首次使用燃點十五分鐘左右,然後吹熄待蠟凝固,蠟燭便能形成一個模具形狀,隨後可按需要燃點較長時間。

Usage: Burns for up to 64 hours



non gmo olive wax, non-gmo coconut wax, non-gmo soy wax, pinus sylvestris essential oil, parfum


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