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  • Petals Mini Scented Candle - IOSOI Skin Lab
  • Petals Mini Scented Candle - IOSOI Skin Lab
  • Petals Mini Scented Candle - IOSOI Skin Lab
  • Petals Mini Scented Candle - IOSOI Skin Lab
  • Petals Mini Scented Candle - IOSOI Skin Lab
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Petals Mini Scented Candle

存貨狀況: 有現貨

Inspired by Versailles

Petals is a unique blend of natural essential oils and absolutes. Sweet and majestic. The entrancing aroma of tuberose and jasmine is muddled with crisp notes of bergamot to create a scent reminiscent of sweet spring air at dusk.


  • Top: Tuberose
  • Heart: Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine
  • Base: Frankincense and Oud


Sweet spring air and gentle light envelops the sprawling garden you wander through together at dusk. Fountains and sculptures reveal themselves among the foliage along the way. The floral chorus is composed of tuberose and jasmine with distant accents of citrus blossoms. This botanical composition delights the senses. It is inescapable, soft but heady, a sign that winter is over and that the long days of summer are on the way. The pathways become a maze you get lost in, and all that matters is the here and now.


  • Ingredients: Rapeseed wax, essential oils, absolutes and double cotton wicks.
  • Net weight: 80g
  • Burn time: 20+ hours

Our double wick scented candles are hand-poured into hand-blown borosilicate glass, designed inspired by the shapes of laboratory equipment and with reusability in mind. Borosilicate glass is non-toxic, durable and incredibly heat-resistant. Each scented candle can be covered with its glass lid when not in use to preserve its aroma. Our scented aromatherapy candles are designed to enhance your awareness of being present, and so to increase your sense of mindfulness and well-being.

Elm Rd. scented candles are 100% natural, vegan friendly and cruelty-free. They are the perfect combination of rapeseed wax for a clean and long-lasting burn, an eco-friendly cotton wick and a special blend of essential oils

We formulate and make our products with our very own hands using only the best ingredients. As a result, we know exactly what goes into each scented candle and we can guarantee that they are free from chemicals, paraffin, additives and synthetic fragrances.


To use, simply remove the lid, and light carefully. When done, smother the candle so that no smoke is left to trail in the air, letting the candle's aroma linger. Burn for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four to ensure that the wax burns down evenly, ready for next time. Before relighting, trim the cotton wick to a quarter of an inch (about 5 mm) to keep your scented candle in good burning shape and prevent any black smoke or soot. Only trim the wick when it is at room temperature.


 Rapeseed wax, essential oils, absolutes and double cotton wicks.